Euro pallet packing machine “ROBOPAC“
Description language: Lietuvių (LT) Русский English (UK)
Model: Euro pallet packing machine
Manufacturer: Robopac
Year of Production: 2004

Machine dedicated to pack with stretch film.

Stretch tension adjustable from control panel.

Technical characteristics:

Turn table capacity:                                                              1500 kg.

Turn table diameter:                                                             1650 mm.

Useful must height:                                                               2200 mm.

Adjustable up-down of stretch film:                                   1.5 – 5.5 m/min

Speed rotation table:                                                             5 – 12 rpm.

Year of production 2014, month 12.

Model Rotoplat 406 FS.

Machine no KN/065046.

Power installed 1,4 kW.

Weight about 455 kg.

Made in Italy.


Year: 2004