Circular saw with 3 blades “RUCO“
Description language: Lietuvių (LT) Русский English (UK)
Model: Circular saw with 3 blades
Manufacturer: Ruco

Machine designed for cutting of wooden panels. Two sawblades work with piece carriage, the last one for additional processing.

Saw blades are mounted direct on electrical motors.

Technical characteristics:

Maximum cutting width of workpiece:                               2200 mm.

Maximum cutting length of workpiece:                              2500 mm.

Max tilting of two saw blades^                                            45°

Electromotor power:                                                             5.5 kW each

Diameter of saw blades:                                                       Ø 350 mm

Max cutting hight:                                                                 100 mm.

Saw blade revolutions:                                                          2880 rpm.

Weight about:                                                                        700 kg.