“VITAP SIGMA 2T” No. 891342
Description language: Lietuvių (LT) Русский English (UK)
Manufacturer: Vitap
Year of Production: 1999

Trough feed machine for vertical and horizontal drilling.

Pieces to be processed:

Min/max width                                       150/1000 mm

Min/max thickness                                10/70 mm

Min/max length                                     150/2100 mm

- Working table mm. 1200

- Nr. 2 horizontal boring groups left and right hand side, each with 21 spindles at interaxis 32 mm, with motor 1.85 kW. With quick chuck spindles with height adjustment.

- 3 pneumatic clamping from above cylinders.

- 5 vertical boring groups (bottom boring), each one with 2 motors (one motor is missing), complete with :

- Each head with quick change system motor 1.1 kW.

- 5 drilling heads with 9 spindles at interaxis 32 mm.

- 2 drilling heads with 2 spindles at interaxis 32 mm.

- The boring groups ares equipped with drilling depth regulation.

Rapid chuck suitable to receive bits with cylindrical attachment diam.10 mms.

Compressed air required 7 – 8 bar.

Machine is produced in Italy.

Year: 1999