Cross cutting with ripping
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Model: Cross cutting with ripping

Cutting of the boards for lengths requested. Was used for two layers parquet and floor board production.
Boars after pressing and longitunal cutting go to cross cutting line. To the cross cutting machine boars are shifted by transporter. Feeding inside machine is via pneumatic cylinders, step by step.
On horizontal gantry 7 cutting aggregates are mounted. Change of their position manual.
Saws are mounted direct on motor shaft.
Motors of the saws each 1.5 kW, 2840 rpm.
Max distance between side saws 2500 mm.
Min distance between two saws 350 mm.
Max cutting height 25 mm.
After cutting pieces are shifted via transporter.
Transporter shifts pieces to the feeding device of ripping machine Schroeder. From the feeder pieces one by one are shifted for cutting of ripps. Out of Schroeder machine pieces are evacuated via belt transporter, discharging manual.
No tools on machine.
Line for sale at the condition as it is, in the place where it is.
No guaranty issued.
Cutting line on operation till October-November 2016, delivery possible in November.