High frequency press
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Model: AD press

This press was used for production of multi-layer parquet.
Playwood boards for gluing are loaded on feeding transporter. Feeding transporter feeds them to the glue spreader. Trough glue spreading rollers go plywood boards and glue is speeded on top surface. Operator takes them out and sets the top layer (auk was used by this particular customer). After another bottom layer is added on top of this (plywood with glue), and top layer is added again.
Glue spreading machine with rollers, with of them 300 mm. Glue mixer is missing.
In this way a sandwich of size about 100x100 mm is collected and shifted to the HF press. Sandwich moves to the press on the side, elements for gluing are in vertical position. A pusher shifts sandwich into press.
Pieces are pressed from top and from sides, high frequency waves are switched on to rise temperature (temperature about 36 – 40°C), duration of pressing cycle (depends on wood and thickness) about 60 – 90 s. Hydraulic cylinders press from side, pneumatic cylinders from top.
Technical characteristics:
Length of boards: 2500 mm
Width of the sandwich (height in the press): 80 mm
Height of the sandwich (width in the press): 250 mm
Capacity of height frequency generator: 25 kW
Hydraulic aggregate: 4 kW, 500 bar
Hydraulic horizontals cylinders: 6 pc.
Pneumatic vertical cylinders: 2 pc.
Transporter evacuates pieces after being glued. After first transporter the second cross chain-transporter transports boards crosswise. After chain transporter, another roller transporter transports boards longitudinal. The second cross chain-transporter with board turning transports boards to unloading.
Line for sale at the condition as it is, in the place where it is.
No guaranty issued.
Pressing line on operation till June 2017.

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