Wide belt sanding machine
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Wide belt sanding machine for plat pieces.
Work piece max. width 1350 mm.
Working table height fixed (could be mounted in line).
Feeding speed is 4-18 m/s, adjustment by frequency controller, motor 2.5 kW.
Switch to prevent feeding of oversize peaces.
1-working device.
Switches for width detection, for segmented sanding path.
Segmented sanding pad with 46 elements, distance between elements about 30 mm. Sanding belt dimensions 2620x1350 mm, device for sanding belt blowing with compressed air.
Machine control device.
2 cleaning brushes at the exit
Compressed air required 6-8 bar.
Total electromotor power 26 kW.
Control by computer, assigned program memory, automatic breakdown indicator.
Year of production 1991.