Used machines


Sanding machine with brushes ”FLADDER 300/SC“

Sanding machinesBrushing machine

Denibbing sander is a rotary type sander designed for finish sanding and de-nibbing of wood and MDF components and sealer sanding of stained and sealed parts. Sander is designed to handle three dimensional furniture pieces. Sander is used to break sharp edges and to remove fibers in the wood surface before the first coat and […]


Drilling machine „MORBIDELLI CN 3“

Drilling, mortising machines

This is machine of high productivity for treating the components from the panel. Three regimes of the work: • On the line; • With the manual load; • With the manual load, cycle starting by pedal. Dimensions of the workpeace: • Maximum length 3500 mm; • Maximum width 900 mm. There are installed 8 cross […]


SECOND HAND Double End Tenoner Gabbiani, model T. MODUL 112/3100 No. 196/218

Production lines

Price: 9800 €

On both sides the same aggregates are installed. On one side following aggregates are installed*: Automatic scoring unit, Hoging unit (cuts panel to the length and crush waste). Corner rounding aggregate 505 R, Automatic tenoning aggregate 480 R, Tenoning aggregate, Profiling aggregate Multiplo 606RP, Round sanding aggregate. *The same aggregates are installed on another side. […]

Drilling heads Balestrini Pade Bacci

Tools, sharpening technology

Circular saw with 3 blades “RUCO“

Saws, cutting machinesCross cut saw

Machine designed for cutting of wooden panels. Two sawblades work with piece carriage, the last one for additional processing. Saw blades are mounted direct on electrical motors. Technical characteristics: Maximum cutting width of workpiece: 2200 mm. Maximum cutting length of workpiece: 2500 mm. Max tilting of two saw blades^ 45° Electromotor power: 5.5 kW each […]


Strapping machine Greendorp MH-101 B

Mechanisation, storage, packing technology

Price: 965 €

Machine dedicated for strapping, while bailing strap is used. Technical characteristics: Power supply: 380V/50Hz, 1000W, 5A Bailing speed: ≤ 2,5 second/path Strapping force: 0 – 60 kg Bailing strap: width 13 mm, thickness 0.83 mm Max. working width: 850 mm Max. working height: 550 mm Weight: about 320 kg Machine No. B072619. Two identical machines […]


Air compressor “Worthington Rollair 75A6“ No. WCO 550412

Dust extraction, compressed air supplyCompressor

Price: 3850 €

Screw compressor with numerical control. Technical characteristics: Pressure: 4 – 13 bar. Electromotor power: 55 kW Free Air Delivered: 595 m3/h Length: 1924 mm Width: 1060 mm Height: 1630 mm Weight about 1130 kg. Made in France.


Two side moulder with 2 horizontal heads “Jonsereds H-P2/J”

Routers, shapers, tenoners, profilers

Price: 1990 €

Machine designed for short piece moulding. Was used for production of flooring. Piece to by processed: • Min. length 115 mm • Max width 100 mm. • Height 12 – 50 mm Working heads, 6000 rpm, shaft 50 mm 1. Bottom, horizontal, motor 8 kW, 100 Hz. 2. Top, horizontal, motor 6 kW, 100 Hz. […]


Four side moulding machine Weinig PFA 14

Planers, 4-sided mouldersFour side planer

Four side moulder.


Semi automatic turning late Hempel CHS 12

LathesTurning lathe

Price: 6400 €

Semi automatic turning late Hempel CHS 12


WIGO type 1067

Drilling, mortising machinesMortiser

Price: 9660 €

Mortising machine


Veener pulling-in machine “KUPER FW 1150”

Presses, clamps, joining machines

Price: 980 €

The veneer is jointing with thermoplastic thread. Feeding engine power 1,5 kW. Table dimensions 630 x 1500 mm. Distance to the support 1150 mm. Compressed air required 6 bar, 10 l/min. Minimum veneer thickness 0.3 mm, maximum 3 mm. Feeding speed adustable by variator, 10 – 30 m/min. Machine dimensions: · Lenght 700 mm; · […]


Second hand horizontal slot mortising machine „MAKA type DB 5“

Drilling, mortising machinesMortiser

Price: 680 €

Machine for production of four-corner slot. Characteristics of slot (length, depth, width) depend on dimensions of tool. Length of table 1000 mm, width 280 mm. Capacity of motor 2 kW. Clamping of the piece pneumatic via 3 pneumatic cylinders. Compressed air required 6 – 8 bar. Dimensions of the machine: Width 0.7 m Length 1.1 […]



Edgebanding, edge processingProduction linesRouters, shapers, tenoners, profilersDouble end tenoner


Sawmill for hard wood Brenta

Production linesSaws, cutting machinesLog band sawSaw line

Sawmill consists of following main machines and agregates: 1. Roundwood carriage for mooving to band saw, about 6 m length, geared. 2. Main vertical band saw „Brenta“. Wheels diameter about 1500 mm, width of band saw about 220 mm, electro motor about 90 kW, with laser showing sawway, seperated control room. 3. Take of roller […]


Multi-driller VERMEULEN

Drilling, mortising machinesMulti-spindle drilling machine

Price: 2900 €

Multi-driller VERMEULEN


Chain mortiser „Haffner“ KF 30

Drilling, mortising machinesMortiser

Price: 950 €

Scrobbing nest size: • Length max. 220 mm. • Depth max. 180 mm. • The width depends on the chain. Motor power 2, 3 kW, 2800 rot./min. Gauge size of the machine: • Height 1, 9 m. • Width 0, 6 m. • Length 0, 8 m.


CNC for doors „HEMAG“

CNC machining centres, robotsCNC machining centre

Price: 4900 €

Universal drill device “HEMAG” designed for manufacture doors, to drill holes, to form mortises. Movement: • X 2500 mm; • Y 360 mm; • Z 450 mm. Working devices: • Vertical drilling spindle 2,2 kW, 300 Hz, n – 18000 minֿ¹; • Horizontal drilling spindle 2,2 kW, 300 Hz, n – 18000 minֿ¹; • Aggregate […]


Lari Lari FR30

CNC machining centres, robotsCNC machining centre

Price: 11330 €

Serial no. 06-01055R301A, travel X 3500 mm, Y 580 mm (0°) – 400 mm (90°), Z 440 mm (0°) – 270 mm (90°), electric spindle inclination saw 0-90°, Anuba head inclination -10 + 90°, saw head inclination 0 – 135°, 3 hand-operated pressing devices, dimensions in mm: approx. 5500 x 3200 x 3000, weight in […]