New machines

Glue and dowel inserting Selecta HD

Drilling, mortising machinesEquipment, Other machinesDowel inserting machine

Dowel inserting machine for window production.

CNC processing machine Vector

CNC machining centres, robotsDrilling, mortising machinesDowel inserting machine

Troughfeed machine for furniture production.

Double line drilling machine Vantage

Drilling, mortising machinesMulti-spindle drilling machine

High productivity machine for drilling.

Framedrilling and staircasedrilling machine Master 325

Drilling, mortising machinesEquipment, Other machinesMortiser

Machine for small production capacity.

Framedrilling and mortising machine Junior 323

Drilling, mortising machinesMortiser

Machine for small production.

Drill, glue and dowel machine Index

Drilling, mortising machinesEquipment, Other machinesDowel inserting machineMulti-spindle drilling machine

Very flexible and efficient machine.

Glue injector Injecta

Equipment, Other machinesSurface coatingGlue spreader

Very precise glue injector.

Case clamp Concept Easy

Presses, clamps, joining machinesFrame jointing machine

Case clamp for cabinet furniture production.

CNC machining center Gannomat ProTec

CNC machining centres, robotsDrilling, mortising machinesCNC machining centre

CNC precision machinig center for complete processing - Drilling, Grooving, Routing.

Dowel hole boring and dowel driving machine Gannomat Elite

Drilling, mortising machinesEquipment, Other machinesMulti-spindle drilling machine

Drilling and dowel inserting machine for simultaneous drilling, gluing and dowel inserting in the of System 32 mm through multi spindle drillhead and adjustable doweling stations.

Dowel inserting machines Gannomat Selecta

Equipment, Other machines

Dowel inserting machine with gun for simultaneous glue and dowel insertion.