New machines

CNC machining center Pluris

CNC machining centres, robotsEquipment, Other machinesCNC machining centre

Very flexible CNC processing center.

CNC band sawing machine CNC Hopper

CNC machining centres, robotsSaws, cutting machinesBand sawCNC machining centre

Very effective CNC band sawing machine.

Copying band saw Hopper

Saws, cutting machinesBand saw

Copying band saw for demanding profiles.

Glue and dowel inserting Selecta HD

Drilling, mortising machinesEquipment, Other machinesDowel inserting machine

Dowel inserting machine for window production.

CNC processing machine Vector

CNC machining centres, robotsDrilling, mortising machinesDowel inserting machine

Troughfeed machine for furniture production.

Double line drilling machine Vantage

Drilling, mortising machinesMulti-spindle drilling machine

High productivity machine for drilling.

Framedrilling and staircasedrilling machine Master 325

Drilling, mortising machinesEquipment, Other machinesMortiser

Machine for small production capacity.

Framedrilling and mortising machine Junior 323

Drilling, mortising machinesMortiser

Machine for small production.

Drill, glue and dowel machine Index

Drilling, mortising machinesEquipment, Other machinesDowel inserting machineMulti-spindle drilling machine

Very flexible and efficient machine.

Glue injector Injecta

Equipment, Other machinesSurface coatingGlue spreader

Very precise glue injector.

Case clamp Concept Easy

Presses, clamps, joining machinesFrame jointing machine

Case clamp for cabinet furniture production.

Polishing line Gloss

Equipment, Other machinesProduction linesSanding machines

Polishing line.

Special machine for production of cabinet doors St-French

Drilling, mortising machinesEquipment, Other machinesRouters, shapers, tenoners, profilersDowel inserting machineRouter

Special machine.

Machine for chamfering St-Foil

Equipment, Other machinesSurface coatingProfile wrapping machine

Chamfering machine.

Drilling and dowel inserting machine Fast-NC

Drilling, mortising machinesDowel inserting machine

Fast and reliable solution for dowel inserting.

Edge banding machine Wave

Edgebanding, edge processingContour edgebander

Special machine for edging bendet pieces.

Angle cutting and drilling machine Slash

Drilling, mortising machinesEquipment, Other machinesSaws, cutting machinesCross cut saw

Angle cutting and drilling machine.

Edge banding machine Slide

Edgebanding, edge processingEdgebander

Edge banding machine for narrow pieces.

Machine for production of furniture elements Flex-Step

Drilling, mortising machinesEquipment, Other machinesRouters, shapers, tenoners, profilersDouble end tenoner

Machine for two end processing.

Edge covering line Pro-Filling

Edgebanding, edge processingEquipment, Other machinesProduction lines

Line for covering of edges.