New machines

CNC machining center Intorex TMC

CNC machining centres, robotsLathesCNC controlled latheCNC machining centre

CNC machining center of 5 interpolated axes and a total of 9.

Linear shaper – sander Pade Uinze CNC

CNC machining centres, robotsRouters, shapers, tenoners, profilersLinear shaper

Uinze CNC linear shaping and sanding machines.

CNC machining centre Pade Swing

CNC machining centres, robotsCNC machining centre

Swing is the high speed-multipurpose work centre.

CNC machining center Gannomat ProTec

CNC machining centres, robotsDrilling, mortising machinesCNC machining centre

CNC precision machinig center for complete processing - Drilling, Grooving, Routing.

Dowel hole boring and dowel driving machine Gannomat Elite

Drilling, mortising machinesEquipment, Other machinesMulti-spindle drilling machine

Drilling and dowel inserting machine for simultaneous drilling, gluing and dowel inserting in the of System 32 mm through multi spindle drillhead and adjustable doweling stations.

Dowel inserting machines Gannomat Selecta

Equipment, Other machines

Dowel inserting machine with gun for simultaneous glue and dowel insertion.

Stemas Rounder

Drilling, mortising machinesRouters, shapers, tenoners, profilersSanding machinesRouter

Milling, drilling and sanding solutions for rounded elements.

Carousel working center Stemas Rotary

Routers, shapers, tenoners, profilersSanding machinesCombination machineEdge sanding machineRouter

Is a carousel working center with rotating frame.

Machine for furniture Stemas Pro-Arch

Routers, shapers, tenoners, profilersSanding machinesEdge sanding machineLinear shaperRouter

Is the solution for milling and sanding arched elements.

Machine for furniture Stemas Perfect-Step

Production linesRouters, shapers, tenoners, profilersCombination machineDouble end tenonerRouter

Is the fully customizable machinery.

Machine for sanding Stemas P-Sand

Sanding machinesBrushing machineEdge sanding machine

P-Sand is the sanding solution for mouldings, frames and profiles; veneered, law and lacquered.

Stemas Square line for CNC door squaring

Production linesRouters, shapers, tenoners, profilersDouble end tenonerRouter

Rolling chain with no friction suitable for high-precision work up to 100 meters per minute.

Machine for doors Stemas Perfect-Door

Routers, shapers, tenoners, profilersCombination machineRouter

Perfect-door is the entry-level, customizable solution for working door panels, routing, door space opening for glass, squaring, milling of hinge and lock seats, anuba screwing, lock insertion and screwing.

High-efficiency cross-cut system Paul RAPID

Saws, cutting machinesOptimization cross-cut saw

The RAPID Series cross-cut systems are designed for continuous heavy-duty operation. With this series PAUL offers profitable solutions for all industrial requirements in the field of high-performance cross-cutting with maximum timber yield. Paul Rapid Tech

Optimized cross-cut system Paul C11

Saws, cutting machinesOptimization cross-cut saw

Designed for cutting small to medium-sized timber sections.

Circular rip saw Paul K34V/1000

Saws, cutting machinesMultirip saw

K34V/1000 - max. workpiece thickness 105 mm, max. opening width 940 mm, max. driving power 75 kW.

Flexible rippsaw Paul CGL

Saws, cutting machinesMultirip saw

Flexible Rippsaw CGL - max. workpiece thickness 110 mm, max. opening width 1100 mm, max. driving power 132 kW.

Circular edger/ripsaw Paul KME2/BM

Saws, cutting machinesMultirip saw

Circular Edger/Ripsaw KME2/BM - max. workpiece thickness 160 mm, max. opening width 1000 mm, max. driving power 75 kW.

Variable multirip circular saw Paul SK-VARIO

Saws, cutting machinesMultirip saw

Variable Multirip Circular Saw SK-VARIO - max. workpiece thickness 100 mm, max. opening width 3000 mm.

Variable multirip circular saw Paul K34M

Saws, cutting machinesMultirip saw

Variable Multirip Circular Saw K34M - - max. workpiece thickness 80 mm, max. opening width 3000 mm.