Machine details

Weight 1500 kg
Dimensions 3400 × 3770 × 1995 mm
Year of manufacture


Machine description

Denibbing sander is a rotary type sander designed for finish sanding and de-nibbing of wood and MDF components and sealer sanding of stained and sealed parts. Sander is designed to handle three dimensional furniture pieces. Sander is used to break sharp edges and to remove fibers in the wood surface before the first coat and after the first coat.
Sanding machine with 6 sanding brush rollers width 380 mm. Diameter 220 mm, sanding aggregate width 1300 mm.
The machine has 6 sanding aggregates, which rotating concerning transporter, mounted above carousel transporter. 6 working positions mounted in carousel transporter, there is possibility mounted 2 more.
Brushes electromotor power is 0.25 kW (each brush). Brushes are turnable in the circle by the motor (power 8,5 kW). Carousel transporter’s electromotor power is 0.55 kW. Speed of brushers and transporter can be change by frequency converter.
Machine dimensions:
• Length 3400 mm;
• Width 3770 mm;
• Height 1995 mm;
• Machine weight 1500 kg.
Machine produced in Denmark.

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