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Producer, Italian manufacturer ELMAG.
Drying kiln dedicated for drying after painting or lacquering. Dry kiln is covered via thermal plates, inside drying process is performed. Heating power is delivered via hot water from outside source and distributed via special exchangers. Effectivity is increased via extraction system, when air is extracted and removed. Separate control cabinet contains all necessary electrical control equipment.
Maximal length of piece 5000 mm
Maximal width of piece 1200 mm
Maximal thickness 100 mm
Number of horizontal drawers 17 pc.
Piece is delivered to the opening on the left side, where it lands on special drawer. At long side of the drawer a special film of heat resistant material is located. Narrow pieces may be located side by side. When the drawer is filled with pieces, drawer is lifted up, and on its side another empty drawer is located. There four columns of drawers in this kiln side by side. On the left side at the bottom pieces are feeded in. After feeded in pieces with drawer move up. At the top position the drawer with pieces is moved to the left side and lands on top of second column. At the second column drawers move down. The most lower drawer is shifted to the third column. At the third column drawers with pieces move up. At the top position the drawer with pieces is moved to the left side and lands on top of fourth column. At the fourth column drawers move down. At the bottom of fourth column pieces are feeded out and exits the kiln, the drying is finished. The drawer is moved to the right, till reaches the first column and is loaded with pieces again.
Length of the kiln 7000 mm
Width of the kiln 9000 mm
Height of the kiln 6000 mm.
The drying parameters are set by piece’s material, it’s thickness and other parameters. Drying efficiency may be adjusted or by adjustment of moving speed or by adjustment of temperature.
Machine with CE marking.

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